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about emma

I was born in the UK. After completing my basic formal education and obtaining a BSc Hons degree in Law with Biology, I travelled to India, South East Asia and Australia. During these travels I began to teach myself yoga and meditation. Many of the questions that had been circling for years in my mind about life began to be answered and I knew then that I wanted to pursue my experiences of meditation and yoga seriously. In Australia I met my first Yoga teacher an Australian doctor who had lived with his Guru Swami Satyannanda Saraswati in his ashram in Bihar, India for 15 years. He had to return home, where he had set up a Health Centre combining Allopathic Medicine with Complementary Medicine including Yoga. He was also researching the use of Yoga in the treatment of illnesses such as Asthma and Diabetes at the University of Sydney. His teaching and dedication encouraged me and I decided to return to India. I went directly to the ashram in Bihar. I met and was initiated by my first Spiritual Teacher/Guru, Swami Satyananda Saraswati (www.yogavision.net), a disciple of Sw Sivananda, and founder of the Bihar School of Yoga and the first University of Yoga. It was then I dedicated my life to the practice of yoga and meditation and the search for truth.

I returned to the UK to continue with my legal studies. I continued with my yoga and meditation practices finding them of invaluable help during this time. I then returned again to India to travel and to spend more time practising yoga and meditation and living in the ashram in Bihar. Once again I returned to the UK to complete the final part of my legal training and for 2 years I worked in a Solicitors office. During my spare time I practised and taught Satyananda yoga.

After qualifying as a Solicitor/Lawyer, I decided to now live my life as I really wanted, in an ashram or community. I then experienced a spiritual /kundalini awakening as a result of some intense Kriya Yoga practices. I was then guided by my Guru to my second spiritual teacher, a spiritual healer Pamela Pace. She was able to explain what was happening to me and begin to balance and ground my energies. She invited me to heal and train with her so I decided to live in her Healing Centre in Cornwall. There, with her guidance I slowly began to integrate all my previous spiritual practice and experiences and the effect of the awakening, training step by step to know and be comfortable with the experience of my body mind energy. This training was intuitive and not based on books and other people's knowledge or techniques and this eventually developed a confidence in myself and my own intuition, creativity and expression which I then began to use as a teacher and healer/therapist.

Over the 7 years I lived in the Healing Centre it developed into a Spiritual Community called Flight of the Phoenix, with a small group of people from different spiritual backgrounds living and working together dedicated to our spiritual growth and helping others. We also worked on the World Peace 2000 Project, Pamelas inspiration which aimed to link communities and countries by the World Peace Garden.

Throughout this 7 years intensive training we continued to developed our self awareness, confidence and creativity with regular meditation practices, this was always the foundation of our spiritual growth and experience in the Healing Centre. We also practised and then used meditation, yoga, relaxation, healing, crystal healing, massage, writing, art and dance therapies and group and individual counselling, as tools for our personal, our group and then our clients development. I qualified as a Crystal Therapist, Full Healer Member of the National Federation of Spiritual Healers and a Healer Counsellor and Massage Therapist and Tutor with the British Register of Complementary Practitioners which includes Crystal Healing and Yoga. I trained to know the experience of this body mind, particularly learning about its subtler energy.

I worked in the Healing Centre as a Residential Therapist, with Pamela and the other residents to create a unique environment and way of healing and training. We worked with clients from all backgrounds with many forms of physical, mental and emotional problems. We seemed to specialise in helping those in personal and spiritual crisis because the level of the care and sensitivity we developed as a team was unusual, resulting from the intensity of our own experiences and dedication to truth as individuals and as a group living and working together. My work at the Healing Centre also included general administration of the business including Personnel Management and Residential Care/House Management. I was involved in writing syllabuses for the courses that were taught at the Healing Centre and registered with the BRCP. I left the Healing Centre in Cornwall in 1997. It was time to take all my knowledge and experience and use it for myself and to stand alone. A very important turning point for anyone on the spiritual path! It was a difficult time as I had become so used to the support of the Community and a group, a family. At first I returned to India for a while, to see Sw Satyananda Saraswati, but I soon realised that in fact I really could no longer follow anyone or fit into any group... It was time to live this life, independently, in truth to myself and taking responsibility for myself.

I returned to the UK where I lived for 5 years. I worked briefly as a lawyer while I established my own private practice as a Complementary Medical Practitioner, Healer and Yoga teacher.

As a teacher and therapist I created, set up and taught many courses privately and also in the local Community for the local Council. I obtained funding myself from local Government to run these courses using the various kinds of Complementary Medicine and Therapies I had used for so many years as tools to encourage others to develop confidence in their own self expression and creativity. I also obtained funding to organise the promotion of Complementary Medicine & Health Care at various local events, festivals and fairs. Soon the Council obtained there own funding and set up a special department to employ all kind of therapists and teachers to go into local community centres to build confidence and inspire creativity, empowering the local unemployed and disadvantaged through less traditional education. I then became employed by this department on a regular basis. I was also employed by the Workers Education Association to teach my work in other communities. I taught Yoga, Yoga Nidra/Relaxation, Self Healing and other self development practices and disciplines.

I was also returning to India every year for a few months. At this point in my life I can say I was fulfilled with myself and my life. I had realised, that I no longer needed 'healing' and that happiness and love was not to be found in anything outside myself, somewhere I knew that truth was not about experience and I was no longer waiting for anything to happen! There was however still some question left unanswered, but I didn't even know what the question was.

On one of my trips to India in 2003 through interesting connections and circumstances I found myself with my third and final Teacher, Dolano (www.dolano.com), who gave me the question, the one that had been behind all other questions and my whole journey on the spiritual path. She then through her Intensive Satsang revealed the answer to this question and confirmed the truth of our Nature and this body mind experience. This recognition was truly the end of the spiritual path for me and I was finally free to live this life in all its wonderful ordinariness with no doubt!

Having been my dream since my first visit 20 years ago I finally decided to make India my 'home'. I left my life and business in the UK and moved to India to try to make a life for myself there. First I found myself in Jaipur amongst all the Gemstones and Jewellery. Fascinated as I have always been by the history of India and the use of Gemstones and Crystals, I researched into Ayurvedic Gem Medicine and Indian Jewellery I found myself using my creativity designing my own jewellery that has as its inspiration the healing properties of Gems and the history, ancient traditions and craftsmanship of Indian Jewellery. I had found that I often used crystals and gems in my work as a teacher and therapist as many people are attracted to the light and beauty of stones, aware that they have some effect on their body and mind which is beyond our usual knowledge and experience. Crystals help to point us to more subtler energetic experiences of this body-mind opening our minds. I choose stones that are of very good quality and designs that are clear and simple to reflect the quality and simplicity of the beauty we are.

In 2006 I made a beautiful Home/Centre in North Goa India with the thought that i may return to my Yoga and Healing work. In 2009 I began to think that I should start to work again and I was thinking a lot about my Guru Paramahamsa Satyananda Saraswati. A little later in 2009 I discovered suddenly that he had attained Maha Samadhi. This immediately propelled me to his ashram in after approximately 15 years. Sitting at Sri Swamijis Maha Samadhi I felt the most incredible gratitude and such a depth of a debt as this overwhelming realisation dawned on me of the extent of the guidance and care Sri Swamiji had taken of me over the years and years of my spiritual journey. He was calling me once more and it was definitely time to start my work again to use and share all my experiences. In 2010 I began to teach Yoga again and established a Centre/Retreat offering Residential programmes and regular weekly drop-in classes and private personal yoga sessions. I also offered Healing to introduce people to the experience of this body-mind and its energy, my healing works at a deep level to clear physical, mental and emotional energy patterns either your own and or other peoples to bring clarity and confidence in the experience of yourself leading to change and transformation.

I then returned regularly to the ashrams of my Guru and In November 2014 I was at the Rikhia ashram in Jharkand India for a programme when sitting at Sri Swamijis Mahasamadhi I received clear instruction to return 'Home' to the UK. I am now based once more in the UK offering Yoga and Healing Sessions/Classes, Programmes and Workshops