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Brighton, UK.


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Emma is a qualified and experienced Practitioner who has been professionally trained to be sensitive to the different energy systems of the body mind experience. She has spent many years learning to know and understand her own body, mind, subtle energies and chakras through regular meditation, yoga and other self awareness and development practices and techniques and intensive training. She is able to sense areas of dense, blocked or dissipated energy, be it physical, mental or emotional in your energy systems and help to clear, and restore balance and energy flows. More deeply her healing work can release and clear deeper mental and emotional energy patterns, be it your own, or other peoples, rebalancing your chakras and subtle energy bodies, grounding to bring clarity and an unfolding of deeper self awareness, confidence and purpose. She also gives training to develop awareness of your own energy, learning how to strengthen and maintain your own experience. She is also very experienced in working with mental, emotional and spiritual crisis. (Please see About Emma page)

Healing Sessions

Rebalancing - to generally, clear, ground, strengthen and rebalance you from any travelling or other spiritual practices you have been doing.
Healing - much deeper work to ground, release and clear mental and emotional energy and patterns be it your own, or other peoples, balancing and energising your chakras and subtle energy bodies and again grounding, to bring clarity, unfolding a deeper self awareness, consciousness, potential and purpose in a careful and safe way by a qualified and experienced Healer.
Counselling - you may need to talk. If you are on Holiday or Travelling you may have come here to give yourself time to make or digest changes taking place in your life or it may be that having distance from your usual daily situation brings up certain issues relating to your home and work life that you would like to discuss. There may also be issues that arise as a result of the circumstances you are experiencing at the moment that you would like to talk about. Advice can be given on other sessions or classes that may help.
Self Care & Awareness - learning to know & be comfortable with the experience of your body mind & know how to look after yourself physically, mentally, emotionally, psychically & spiritually enabling you to stay clear & relaxed as you deal with the interactions & natural stresses of everyday life.
Massage - For Ladies only -Full Body/Feet & Hands/Indian Head.

(For more details please see Home page and more information link and Schedules page)

Meditation And Self Healing Group

Experience different meditation techniques from Yoga mediation techniques to guided visualisation and self healing meditations. Including developing awareness of your own energies and working with them for self healing and to keep yourself clear and grounded. Every 1st and 3rd Monday of each Month-7.00pm-8.30pm.

Healing Workshops

Workshops on Self Healing, Healing, The Use of Gemstones/Crystals etc will be held. Please see the Schedule page.

Healing Programmes

A regular programme of attendance at the Centre for Healing Sessions for simple relaxation & pampering, or to relieve deeper stresses & tension or to look at any problem or issues you would like, to suit your time and budget.