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Rachna Shah - Business Woman (India)

I have been feeling so much lighter and liberated. I don't feel any stress building up. I am much more grounded as you had predicted. I feel the back of head no more there is no heaviness. Less sleep less food used to tire me out and exhaust me and this has changed. My energy levels have improved. No more anxiety. I don't know how long it will last .But I have a new body feeling !! Difficult to explain in words. I am very glad to share the difference that you have made to my soul and being I can't thank my sister enough for introducing us. I look forward to my next session.

Anna Boyes - Sales Executive (UK)

My experience at Empower was truly special and unique to me. Emma has an amazing gift that should be shared with the world. Before my visit i suffered years of depression and felt like my life was spinning out of control. On a search to find inner peace I came across Empower online, and now i leave feeling like i know who i am, confident, refreshed to take on the world. I no longer feel i need any medication!! Emma is a miracle worker and if you get the chance to visit this special place you will never look back as you have been blessed!

Nelzen Diaz - NLP Trainer and Founder Director of Rheoversity Cochin (India)

Thank you Emma from the bottom of my heart for healing my body so wonderfully and so miraculously. For the last 9 years i have been suffering from the rarest incurable autoimmune condition. I have undergone treatments from Naturopathy and Ayurveda and none of them have helped me to come out of the pain and muscle fatigue i am bearing. Coming to Emma was a tremendous healing experience for me. I felt for the first time peace and goodness in my body relieving the gripping pain within four days of healing and yoga exercises. I think these days are the most precious moments in my life. Emma's powerful healing techniques blended with yoga exercise are a boon to humanity. I thank you Emma once again for healing my body with your heart.

Manjinder Singh Sidhu (UK)

Instantly calming and effective, Emma's healing energy soothes its way from her palms. Her initial head touch clears your mind and she then progresses to clear your chakras, I found my three sessions with her enlightening and effective. Worth the visit and the price.

Anne Dahl (USA)

Sessions were informative, personal and interactive. Sincere feeling of helping and giving knowledge and tools to improve the persons life. Emma is committed to helping and understanding and helping the person understand. Very helpful and enjoyable experience. The place is very nice, peaceful and well run.

Emma Hallard - Piano Teacher (UK)

Some of the most amazing things happened after your healing session..amazing...going to write to you in full..thank you..your healing opened the way to some miracles...emotionally and financially...incredible..much love.

Hazal Orhon - Turkey

Working with Emma was very helpful. I attended yoga classes as i have never experienced them before. The way of yoga she is doing is very calming and peaceful. It was initially based on the parts of the body and to be aware of the body. I have become much more conscious of how my body works. I can feel my body now. As well as through the healing sessions, I am now aware of the energies around me. I know myself, i can see myself and i can see how my mind affects my body, my beingness. It was such a nice period I have spent with Emma. She has very strong and calming energy that you feel as soon as you meet her. I am so much thankful to Emma because she has found the point that i needed to solve to be able to feel myself more instead of other things around my life. I definitely look to the world from a different window, thank you so much!

Agathe Testut - Wine Manufacturer (France)

I just wanted you to help me to start Meditation. I have discovered how deep and powerful it is and how humble i have to be in that. At the beginning i was confident, but still attached to what i had learnt before mixed with one, my desire to know more about myself and two, my project to teach. I have realised that the second one cannot go without the first one. Today even if my thoughts are disturbing i can feel that i am present to myself and able to enjoy what is happening here and now. I can feel a force inside me that gives me confidence and i am less scared about the future. From the moment i came back from the ashram in Rikhia it felt easier to let everything go and i started to be more honest with myself and with you, at first i was really confused about my project but now i feel confident that if it has to be it will be. From my first healing session i could feel something happening even if i was sceptical, now i am aware of the existence of this energy and i understand how important it is to take care of it. These last days i could feel a new dimension to myself more centred and strong and at the same time something outside of myself. This again has made me humble. In respect of the healing you did for my daughters you made me realise that i can help them and i can see that being stronger and confident and aware of what is happening already changed our relationship. They now express themselves more easily. Thanks to you Emma my life is taking a new direction and i feel comfortable with it. Thank you so much for taking me to love myself.

Tiina Karjalainen- Sales Director (Finland)

Thank you Emma. I feel that one week was not enough with you. I've improved so much but still a lot of work needs to be done. I am looking forward to the home practices that you gave me. Your place is beautiful and full of good energy that helped me in my healing process. Thank you again and im sure that i will see you again!

Rachel King - Therapist (Australia)

"I stayed at Empower Retreat in November 2012 for about 10 days, following a recommendation from a friend who had stayed there previously. The rooms and location were wonderfully comfortable (a rare thing in India!) and had everything you could need or want. The location was incredibly peaceful, and Emma as a host was gracious and helpful, always ready to answer any questions, provide any information or help with anything I needed. Towards the end of my stay, I also was fortunate enough to do a few treatments with Emma. I highly recommend these - I found Emma's knowledge and presence very calming and powerful, and have seen the positive effects in my life since. I wouldn't hesitate to return to stay with Emma at Empower Retreat, and would love to have more treatments with her in the future. Highly recommend it!

Helen Noakes - Yoga Teacher (UK)

"I decided to come for some sessions with Emma because my instinct was telling me to go and see her. I am normally a sceptic when it comes to this kind of treatment, and I was most pleasantly surprised when i felt the immediate results. Emma offers a very peaceful and safe environment and during the actual energy healing i felt deepy relaxed and protected. After my first session I was able to tap into my clarity and calmness after layers of unnecessary and accumulated "stuff" had gently been released. I was able to, with confidance and more respect towards my needs, be more open and truthful with my decisions. Especially now choosing people with an open heart towards myself, with whom i spend time socially and in work situations. I have become more aware generally about how involved I became in others around me and what the cost was emotionally and energetically to myself. I have become even more aware of underlying patterns and as a result am more able to accept them with ease , and have the knowing-ness that they will pass."

Ross Askell - Tennis Coach (UK)

"Emma had an amazing effect on me while on holiday in Goa. I joined a Yoga Retreat in which she was teaching. Taking her yoga classes transported me to a whole new world of calm, something I find difficult to embody in my everyday life. I then had a 2 energy healing sessions as I was dealing with a big life change and needed something to help me regain balance. I also suffer from a chronic stomach problem in which i regularly experience acute pain and hoped this may help with that. Hours after my session my stomach had distended and I was rather worried. I went back to Emma and she gave me another session which then completely calmed down my stomach thankfully! As a result of the two sessions and since i have returned to the UK I have felt a lot more centred and I haven't been suffering from so many stomach problems since. I feel Emma has a gift and had a huge positive effect on me. I would definitely recommend Emma as a Yoga Teacher and Therapist and only wish she lived in London so I could see her more! I will be sure to see her on my return to India."

Tarja - Business Woman (Sweden)

"It was an enriching experience to learn the 'slow and thoughtful' Yoga. Although a bit apprehensive I felt a calming, empowering, encouraging sensation through the healing sessions. Thank you very much for your help and support Emma."