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Healing / Energy Work / Ayurvedic Gems / Crystals

Scientists have now proven that our universe arises from energy, moving particles of light which travel in waves. Depending on the speed of the movement of this light energy, and the senses of our body mind, we see different colours and objects, everything, even solid objects are moving particles of energy. Everything in the universe is composed of energy rays. To our eyes these energy rays are seen as different colours depending on the speed of movement of the rays. The colour rays that we can see are seven, the seven different colours we see in a rainbow or if white light is passed through a prism. These seven rays are the primeval forces of nature, energy, which also condenses into tangible form, things that we can see.

Energy Work

The human body mind experience is therefore also energy, the physical aspect and tangible form of the body from the bones to the cells are composed of the seven energy rays but also there are seven main energy centres in the subtler energy system of the body called chakras, which are not so visible to the eye. The seven colour rays correspond to the energy frequencies of each of the chakras. The state of equilibrium of these energy rays in the chakras, cells and whole physical body keep the body healthy.

It is however difficult to maintain this equilibrium as our energies are constantly changing and adjusting according to internal and external circumstances such as our thoughts and emotions, which are in themselves energy patterns, and also the external radiations and energy waves of our environment in objects such as computers, telephones, electricity pylons and in our daily activities such as travel in cars, trains and planes.

The energy and the colour rays in our body become blocked and out of natural balance and this causes stress and weakness in the body and illness occurs.

The application of energy and colour rays can restore balance, strengthening and healing the body mind experience.

Healing / Energy Work is done by a qualified Practitioner who is professionally trained to be sensitive to the different energy systems of the body mind experience. A good healer has spent considerable time knowing and understanding their own body mind and energies through meditation and other self development techniques. They are able to sense areas of dense and blocked energy in their clients' energy systems and help to clear, and restore balance and energy flows. This then relaxes, strengthens and heals the body mind. They are also able to channel positive energy from the environment boosting the energy of the client.

Ayurvedic Gem Therapy

Ayurvedic Gem Therapy and Crystal Healing is also done by a qualified Practitioner who as above is professionally trained to be sensitive to not only the different energy systems of the body mind experience but also to the energy of Gemstones and Crystals and their effect on the body mind. They, like everything, are composed of energy rays. The molecular structure of Gemstones is particularly stable and of higher frequency than most solid objects which allows for a constant and stable source of colour rays and light energy to emanate from them. In Ayurvedic GemTherapy and Crystal Healing, gemstones are carefully placed on and around the body, their constant source of energy rays being used to clear and enhance the energy flows in the physical and subtle energy systems of the body mind therefore healing and strengthening. In Ayurvedic Gem Therapy precious gemstones are used as the source of colour energy rays as these are considered a higher frequency of vibration and a purer source of light than semi-precious gemstones. This makes the healing deeper and more powerful, and they should only be used by an experienced energy worker who will know what is appropriate for the individual.

Self Healing, Care And Awareness

I teach self care & awareness, so that you know & are comfortable with the experience of your body mind & know how to look after yourself physically, mentally, emotionally, psychically & spiritually enabling you to stay clear & relaxed as you deal with the interactions & natural stresses of everyday life.

This is particularly useful if you find yourself in a caring role be it with family, friends or even on a professional level as a therapist, nurse, social worker, carer etc. I introduce you to the nature of your body mind experience so that you become confident & clear in the 'experience' of who you are & 'a light unto yourself'. Please see Schedules page for any current Classes/Groups/Workshops.